EARTH 1st World [Humans]

ANSELOPHA 2nd World [Orilians]



  1. Palerion [1st Age] (Ancients era, rumoured)

  2. Before Trensgar [BT]

  3. Trensgar [2nd Age] (Age of the Masters)

  4. Isilder [3rd Age]​​


3Circle energyTime’s energy


Anselophathe other half to Earth. A world filled with fantastical beings whom possess unusual and mystical supernatural powers​​

Cerebrate -tion -ingplacing oneself in a meditative state to promote serenity and one’s mental health and wellbeing

Continumentalrelated to Time (its various forms, attributes, effects and causes) and the continuum

Continumental Lawsthe laws outlined by the Masters; to govern, monitor and protect against malicious damage to the Matter-Fabric. 5 key laws were written. It is the duty of a Master, Guardian or Bearer to enforce law and punishment

Continuuma series of events transitioning into one another

Continuversethe innumerable universes collectively (not including the Prime Worlds); a plethora of multiverses

CretnusContinumental-sensitive creatures, animals and anomalies​

Dimension Jumpera globe set upon a column that allows transportation between Timeless Fields, dimensions and space. In a standard Dimension Jumper you can use pins you can choose a location within close proximity. In the alternated Dimension Jumper (modified by Serg), you can travel through most parts of the Continuverse and indefinite space

Duferlorna type of metal, found in most places other than Earth

The Elispenthe origin of the universe​

The Existencereferred to as the peoples of the universe

Factions of the Realmwithin the "Horlex" or "AZ167" (the Timeless Field that the Infinities reside in), there are five other Factions occupy the TF, along with the Infinites; Elementai, Perusian, Handals, Fortuans and the Illustrosi

Festiviathe annual celebration of the Masters

Galayeklanguage of the Ancients​​

Guardiana being who guards the seat for the next Master; a person with slightly less authority than that of a Master (more of a caretaker)

Heavenly Rays of Tohcay(in mythology) the place in which Time originates, is birthed​​​

Lightglobean orb of light

Links of Timethe past, present or future

Masterone who is selected through the Serilion to be a protector of the Matter-Fabric


Matter-Fabricthe fabric of space and time

Montressena month on Anselopha or on any of the worlds of the Continuverse

Orbsstored energy/plasma or other element with uses that range from power honing, blocking attacks, etc

Oriliansbeings living on Anselopha or worlds of the Continuverse

Pendrid-lockedthings locked with an opening combination of said things being in a certain time and space before a lock can open


Prime WorldsAnselopha and Earth (two halves of the same world existing in separate dimensions)

The Realma Timeless Field at the outer-edges of the universe, home to six factions (the Sempiternals or Septenials)



Sectomancythe practise of [TBC]

Sendiuma year on Anselopha or on any of the worlds of the Continuverse (equivalent to approximately two Earth years and a month)

Seriliona tournament that enlists Bearers to compete for the seat as Master

Silverlightrays from the Silver Suns in Anselopha and worlds of the Continuverse

Silver Sunsthe three suns that Anselopha orbits: Ziolin, Ilinez and Freklin

Singetears in the Matter-Fabric

Suppressionanalysing or erasing of one’s mind

The Supreme High Councilis made up of members from each of factions within the Realm; the Infinites, Elementai, Perusian, Handals, Fortuans and the Illustrosi

Tijerun (tie-jee-run)currency on Anselopha and most worlds of the Continuverse


Timeless Field [or TF]a point in the universe, outer-universe or other, where Time does not exist; known also as Eternal Fields

Timely Flares[TBC]