Wind rushed passed Larson’s blocked ears as he hurtled at great speed towards the ground. Unable to move, he watched as land below spun. His mouth opened to a scream but even that was stolen from him, he plummeted headlong to the ground towards certain death.

        Larson’s mind raced, as he tried to remember what life he had lived, the only problem was, he could not remember a thing. Whether it was the fact that he was free-falling or if he was suffering from amnesia, he didn't quite know. A tear streaked and for a while he was able to control where he was going. He was moments before hitting the ground, he placed his arms in front and prepared for impact.

    This was it.


        Everything went dark, Larson could felt a tingling sensation in his fingertips that shot its way up his arms. He took in lungfuls of air, his face half in mud. Was he alive? Or was this the last moments of life draining from his spent body? Larson tried to focus on what he could move, but it was rendered useless. He let out a groan as he tried to force mobility.

        For a while Larson was against the wet and cold ground. He knew now that somehow, through chance or fate or whatever he believed in, he was still alive, against impossible odds.

        Footsteps splashed in mud as several figures appeared.

        ‘Is he dead?’ said one.

        ‘No, though he is lucky to be alive.’

        ‘How did he get here? It should not have happened. It is impossible,’ said a third.

        ‘Nothing is certain anymore, Time is broken. This very being could be the answer in saving the Matter-Fabric.’

        ‘We are not meant to interfere,’ the first tried to make the others see reason. ‘We should not intervene, if the existence wants to perish all that was once created, then let them. We will be safe regardless.’

        ‘And what then?’ the second interjected. ‘When no existence survives and we have only our own company? How can we then have a purpose? How can we stand to be the only race left?’

        The figures argued some more. The more they did, the more they realised that it was time for change, there was no room left for tradition. For without their help and for many Bearers to come, Time would plunge into nothingness and everything would be gone forever.

        ‘It is him!’ exclaimed the first.

        ‘After all these long years.’

        ‘How can you be so sure?’

        ‘Do you know of any who have passed through our barriers before? This one’ – he pointed to Larson – ‘was foretold to breach our Realm after the fall of the Masters. That moment has now come to pass.’

        The second moved around Larson. ‘Let us take him to the Infirmary. Supreme Lord Malitorn will want to see him.’

        Larson could only listen. As arms grabbed him, everything slipped from his grasp. He must have fallen unconscious, because his mind filtered out all thoughts and worries.

        Once Larson had been checked over by the Healers, the figures paid a visit. Larson had not yet woken. They were told that he was in a coma, that there was no telling when he would wake or if at all he would regain consciousness.

        All they could do was wait.

        ‘Do you think it is true?’ said the third, in a hushed whisper. ‘Galayeth told me that the Temporal Dimensions would perish shortly after we found the being.’

        ‘Do not be absurd,’ said the second. ‘We have been around long enough to know not to believe in prophecy or foresight.’

        ‘All the evidence points to it,’ said the first. ‘Prophecy told us that he would arrive on our doorstep on the eve of a dying Cycle. With him here in our Realm, the first of any to breach our Timeless Field... I, for one, believe that everything as we know it will indeed come to an end. Whatever happens, we must be ready, if we are to survive the disasters that are about to befall us.

        ‘Above all,’ said the first, turning to the others, ‘he must never know who he truly is. We have Suppressed what thoughts he has left. Now he is ready to safeguard the Matter-Fabric. He is exactly what the universe needs - a saviour. We are not allowed to leave Timeless Fields, but perhaps we can use this one to do our bidding. After all, we are the Supreme Council, the care of the universe falls unto us. In these troubled times drastic action is the only course.’

To be continued...