A collection of short stories introducing key events before the

War of the Masters.

In various points throughout the universe, a set of alternate dimensions known as Timeless Fields exist. Infinites have been the only beings to have lived within them. Though no one has actually seen an Infinite, they have been around for countless of centuries in the wake of many existences.​


The Matter-Fabric’s first Bearers surfaced to rule as an authority that governed a nation to protect the continuum against those who sought to cause it harm.Continumental Laws have been enforced for hundreds of sendiums over the whole of the universe, yet efforts to thwart any lasting damage to the continuum was rendered useless as Time’s natural state was found as the root cause of the problem. 


It was said that Darkness will blanket the universe of all light and the continuum would know an end.



These are the tales of a Castor whose adventures took him through the depths of the universe, who fought against deadly foes, stood before those who strove to damage the Matter-Fabric and awaited the arrival of a Master told in prophecies.


All the while he observed the destruction of all things and heard whispers that spoke of the end of Time.


And The Gentarji's Assault


When the Johnsons discover Freya, a mysterious girl the age of fourteen who has been living unexpectedly amongst them has supernatural powers they realise just how alien London really is.


Freya claims to be on the run from Jentax, a Collector of Beings, who will stop at nothing to capture her, even if it means ripping through worlds to get to her.


The Johnsons are soon plunged onto ground unfamiliar to them and come across a man who has kept a secret that could mean the destruction of their world – with a sacrifice that comes at a cost for the whole of the universe.